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  • Jack Bartlett

    Jack Bartlett

  • Joey Kabel

    Joey Kabel

  • Matthew Greenfield

    Matthew Greenfield

    Co-founder of Rethink Education (http://t.co/X9ruU9A0KW), a venture capital fund focused on technology for learning. Former literary critic. Willing to learn.

  • Okan Kara

    Okan Kara

    VC Fund Manager. Co-founder of ACT Venture Partners. Student of Innovation Economics and Policy. Ex-bureaucrat.

  • Abhijeet Patra

    Abhijeet Patra

    Investor-Entrepreneur-Scientist. I am interested in and deeply think about interdisciplinary technologies that seem like science fiction, but is just science.

  • Michelle Guo

    Michelle Guo

    Venture Enthusiast

  • Neal Swaelens

    Neal Swaelens

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