Welcome to the Machine

AI is redefining how we fight climate change and combat disease. It is even revolutionizing the systems responsible for its own evolution.

(Left) Alan Aspuru-Guzik Professor of Chemistry and Computer Science at the University
of Toronto; Co-Founder of Zapata Computing, Co-Founder of Kebotix (Right) Scott Stern, David Sarnoff Professor of Management of Technology, Professor, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and
Strategic Management at MIT
(L-R) Connor Coley, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT; Regina Barzilay, Delta Electronics professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at MIT; Dale Thomas, Co-founder of mytide therapeutics; Finale Doshi-Velez, John L. Loeb associate professor in Computer Science at the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
(Left) Marinna Madrid, Co-founder of Cellino (Right) Arnaldo Pereira, Principal Machine Learning
Engineer at Cellino
(L-R) Tonio Buonassisi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT; Corey Capasso, Founder and CEO
of Urbint; Mark Kozdras, Program Manager at Natural Resources Canada
(L-R) Jill Becker, CEO of Kebotix; Jeff Dean, Lead of Google AI; Mike Davies, Director of Neuromorphic Computing Lab at Intel; Christopher Savoie, CEO and Founder of Zapata Computing; Yudong Cao, CTO of Zapata Computing
(Left) Yibao Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of isee (Right) Chris Baker, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of isee

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